Specialized Constructions

Curtain walls are self-supporting light structures based on the structure of buildings, and have thermal and acoustic capability. Usually consist of an aluminum profiles system support aid stainless steel or special glass as filler. The aluminum profiles and their supports are calculated to withstand the same loads on wind loads, snow, rainfall and earthquake.

Curtain walls as construction is very long-lasting and require little maintenance, have excellent mechanical, thermodynamic, acoustic behavior and can work harmoniously with other materials such as aluminum foil, marble, granite etc.

The design surface can be flat, keklymenos, circular or follow the basic building blocks of the building. They can be used glazing to provide thermal insulation, sound insulation, sun protection, anemosteganotita, water tightness and ventilation.

The Porfyrios Glass has a multitude of solutions for all types of glass structures, such as aluminum curtain walls of all types, point hanging glass spider / planar, glass floors and stairs, bioclimatic glass curtain wall construction leading technology and aesthetics, with energy glazing.

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