Fire Safety Glasses

Our large and multiple benefits of using glasses both internal and external applications, created the need to protect people and their property. In a fire main should be limited its spread. One very effective and economical way is to use heat-resistant glass, which can delay the spread of fire (from 30-120) so that it becomes easier to extinguish before extended with devastating consequences. The fire-resistant glass must be has the following properties:

  • Low ignition
  • Low fire propagation
  • Minimum surface flame dispersion
  • Minimum ignition radiation
The Porfyrios Glass , in response to the above properties, offers fireproof glass in monolithic or layered pane class E (Integrity) and EW (Integrity + radiation). O monolithic refractory glazing when used for doors or partitions in rooms, provides additional complete safety in causing panic situations. In layered pane between the windows is placed a transparent viscous liquid which fire absorbs the energy of the fire so that one hand to limit overheating and its spread to other areas, and to remain transparent and not impair visibility.