Glass with Blinds

It is now indisputable importance of proper lighting on mood and performance of people both in the workplace and in their homes. One of the first things we do when we get our house in the evening to turn on the lights. Then we will adjust either for reading or watching TV or simply relax. Now with mounting system Venetian Blinds between two crystals can adjust our field of illumination throughout the day, depending on how much light need every hour of the day. Total control the amount of sunlight that we want to enter the space our resulting energy savings (up to 50%) for both cooling in summer and heating in winter. The Venetian Blinds are embedded and sealed between two glasses and do not need any kind of maintenance or cleaning. It is ideal in the event where external shading is impossible because no influence over the sides of buildings. Give an end to the problems posting created by light reflected from computer screens and the effects on employment, it causes. Available in all colors and shades, and there is the possibility of complete blackout for screening rooms. OPERATING SYSTEMS VENETIAN BLINDS

  • Manual - Magnetic
  • Manual - Rope with magnet
  • Manual - Rope
  • Electric - Move switch
  • Electric - Drive with remote control
  • Electric - Motion automatically controlled by a central system. Operate fully automated (scheduled based on time, the intensity of the sun, indoor and outdoor temperature) for each separate part, or the whole system.