Antivandalism Glass

Dangerous and criminal is the use of single glazing in shop windows but, nowadays, in many other places (Museums, Art Galleries, Banks) and even in our homes. Given the increase in crime all feel more secure, and main entrepreneurs, when they know that their property but also their very life is protected by a glass that can withstand 30-50 strokes of an ax or hammer without violating. It can be broken and cracked into small pieces, but not dissolved, and so avoid theft but mostly injuries.

 Safety The crystals consist of two or more crystal sheets laminated on the whole surface with one or more specific membranes ( PVB ).  A tionate to the number of sheets of crystals and films have the vandal ( antivantal ) and bullet ( bullet resistant ) crystals. We note that these crystals provide additional sound insulation and protection from ultraviolet rays UV up to 99.97%, if not combined with different types of crystals a new product is created with increased capabilities, (safety, thermal insulation, high optical permeation RT .l.).